Welcome to Investing for the Rest of Us. This blog is geared towards those all those 9-5, 20 something, young professionals who realize that trickling money into a 401k for the next 40 years isn’t enough.

I love investing. I love the idea of having money work for me to set me up for a great future. Money is not everything, but money does give you options. I would much rather have money and not need to use it rather than to not have money when I need it.

My vision for Invest for the Rest is to help all of those out there who were never properly educated on personal finance. I believe that this is something that our parents and our education failed us on and I’m here to fill in the gaps in a way that is easy to understand and entertaining.

It took me years to get to where I am today but if I had more guidance and better resources it would have been less miserable and much less work-intensive than it was. So sit back and follow along to help attain what you previously thought was impossible

Let’s make some fucking money.